Aluminum fire connector with hose reel. DN100 x 102 mm

There are three different nominal sizes of domestic fire connectors. In two-inch claw-to-nail hose fittings, the hose neck is fixed. On the other hand, in hose connectors with three and four inches between claws, the hose neck and the claw part are separate, so the hose neck is rotatable. Hose fittings with three and four inch claw spacing are equipped with a handle for ease of use.

We have paid special attention to the crystal structure of our fire connectors. Thanks to the casting method / mold technology we developed ourselves, the crystal structure of our products can be modified so that our products are really tough and durable and therefore also very safe to use. In VTT's test, our fire fittings have withstood 75 bar pressure undamaged and still leak-free.

JM-Valu's fire fittings have been tested by VTT Expert Services Oy in accordance with point F7 of the standard SFS-EN 671-1 (VTT-S-05218-15). They are made of high-quality domestic aluminum or brass resistant to zinc loss.

All JM-Valu's fire fittings are immediately available as stock products. Deliveries even on the same day.

Additional information

Additional information

Nail spacing: 144 mm. Hose spindle length 87 mm. With a rotating hose reel. With suction/pressure seal.

The carbon footprint of this product is 1.36 kg Co2-eq. The formation of the carbon footprint of the products we manufacture is monitored through continuous monitoring, and we try to minimize the carbon footprint of our products as much as possible.

Product codes

EAN-koodi: 6430048805123