Aluminium Camlock lockable cover

Our Camlock / Camlock Connectors are interchangeable with other SFS 4429 Mil AA-59326A Camlock Connectors. The cam lever connectors we manufacture are completely domestic.

All JM-Valu Camlock / Cam lever connectors are immediately available as stock products. Deliveries even on the same day.

Additional information

Additional information

The cam lever connector cover is intended for closing and locking the male cam lever connector.
The cover we make is waterproof.
Thanks to the design of the inside of this lockable lid that we have developed, the lid functions just like a standard model with two locking handles.

The formation of the carbon footprint of the products we manufacture is monitored through continuous monitoring, and we try to minimize the carbon footprint of our products as much as possible.

Product codes

EAN code: 6430048805574