Finnish couplings

The fire fittings manufactured by JM-Valu are domestic work. Quality is a matter of honor for us and in the manufacture of connectors we pay special attention not only to high quality but also to safety. The aluminum we use is domestic. By buying connectors made on the other side of the globe, you don't necessarily know how responsibly and how safe the products are made. By buying fire fittings manufactured by JM-Valu, you are at the same time supporting domestic quality work and you can be sure that the products are of high quality and manufactured precisely with environmental considerations in mind.

Our fire fittings comply with standard SFS 3798, and they have been tested by VTT Expert Services Oy in accordance with point F7 of standard SFS-EN 671-1 (VTT-S-05218-15). Almost all fire fittings we manufacture are intended for use only on the pressure side. The exception is the four-inch fire fittings, which are equipped with a suction/pressure seal. They are suitable for use on both the pressure and suction sides.

All JM-Valu's fire couplings are immediately available as stock products.

JM-Valu Oy's products are manufactured in accordance with quality and environmental system control, which meets ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 requirements and is certified by Bureau Veritas Certification with certificate number: